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How To Give Your Presentation Slides The Wow Factor

How To Give Your Presentation Slides The Wow Factor

I’m sure you have sat through many dreadful slides. Even if the speaker is terrific, when you have to look at hundreds of bullet-points and terrible graphics it can be painful.

This week I have been invited to speak in San Jose, California, at Nancy Duarte’s office, home to her slide creation geniuses! They are as passionate about turning slides into amazing visual stories as we are about teaching you how to become a powerful and confident story-teller.

Recently they invited slide guru Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen, to talk to their team. You can take a look at his video by clicking here: how to create simple, compelling slides.

You can also pass on the video link to those people in your company who struggle with slides and save yourself from sitting through any more terrible presentations!

As a quick reminder, the key points for compelling slides are…

  1. They are Visual Aids – that means they need to be visual (delete the text!) They also need to be an aid for your audience, not your notes, or a handout. They should create a visual back-drop to your story.
  2. You are Batman (the main focus), the slides are Robin (the helpful side-kick). If the slides become Batman then you should simply email them to everyone and cancel the meeting! Plus some of the best Batman films don’t even feature Robin. That means its okay to switch off the slides and talk to people. They are there to hear from you, not look at slides.
  3. Create three documents. Many people create a slide-ument. This is a combination of slides, a script and a leave-behind document. It’s a mess! It doesn’t help your audience! It’s just a crutch for the presenter. Instead you need three things – firstly write your scriptsecondly think of images that will help people remember your story, thirdly create a summary document. Nobody wants a print out of your slide-ument! Give them a useful summary instead.

Of course, great slides are not the only thing you need. Having great slides is like having a nice car. It is only useful if you know how to drive. If you don’t you will crash no matter how nice the car is!

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