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The Body Talk Podcast – How To Coach Your Team To Succeed
Your business is only as good as the people who work there. To build a better business you need to build a stronger team. Katy Lewis talks to Richard Newman about how coaching can help your team to thrive.
The Body Talk Podcast – Bring Your Real Self To Work
Professional actor Jamie Richards explains how his TV and theatre experience helps him to enhance business communication, with advice on how to ensure you bring your full personality to the boardroom.
The Body Talk Podcast – How To Stay Calm Under Pressure
If you've ever felt nervous or anxious when delivering a business presentation you're not alone. So many of us struggle with nerves and a lack of confidence when met with a sea of faces. Carole Machin has hosted live TV for MTV and the BBC and knows what it's like to have to keep calm and confident under pressure. She shares her strategies for keeping control of your emotions in high stakes situations.
The Body Talk Podcast – Step Forward Into Bigger Opportunities
Christian Billett is one of the founding members of Body Talk and has also had a successful career as a West End and BBC Orchestra singer. Over the years he has helped thousands of clients improve their communication and presentation skills by sharing some of the techniques he's learned as a performer. Listen to the podcast to find out how they can help you increase your impact and confidence.
The Body Talk Podcast – The Power of Your Voice
Mark Seddon is a lead coach at Body Talk and a specialist in voice and audio recording. In this podcast with Richard Newman he explains the importance of voice for online communication and how you can explore the power of your own voice to engage and inspire and audience.
The Body Talk Podcast – How To Create Trust
How can we create trust with our colleagues and clients? How can we build credibility on the phone or in a meeting? Richard Newman and Emily Fairman share some simple tips you can use in any business situation to build trust and establish your intentions.
The Body Talk Podcast – Virtual Communication
Our world has become much more virtual, with most of our meetings happening online. But are we communicating in the best way possible? Alina Jenkins has been a BBC Broadcaster for over 20 years and shares her experience of presenting to camera to help you create maximum impact in your online meetings.
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