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The Body Talk Podcast – Improve Your Speaking Voice
In this latest episode of the Body Talk podcast, Alina Jenkins chats to Canadian broadcaster David Tyler about improving your speaking voice and increasing your confidence in front of an audience.
The LIFT Podcast – Doing The Hard Things To Achieve Your Goals
We'll all face challenges at some stage in our lives. Some are small and easily overcome, while others may seem insurmountable at the time. But if we want to live our best lives, we mustn't let these challenges stop us from moving forward. In this episode of the LIFT podcast, I'm speaking to Jamie Hess about everything from mindfulness to overcoming addiction and how you can achieve your goals by doing the hard things.
The LIFT Podcast – Overcoming Trauma To Perform At Your Best
Many of us will have experienced some form of trauma, whether a panic attack, an accident, or something more personal. And while we may think that we have processed and moved on from these events, they can continue to haunt us in the form of anxiety, panic attacks, or flashbacks. Richard talks to Dr Don Wood, PhD, about overcoming trauma to allow you to perform at your best.
The LIFT Podcast – How To Prevent Burnout, Work Less And Produce More
We all exist somewhere on the spectrum of peak performance to burnout. In 2019, burnout was recognised by the World Health Organisation as an occupational phenomenon. In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Richard talks to Dr Lisa Belanger, who helps bosses prevent burnout, do less and produce more.
The Body Talk Podcast – Conquering Imposter Syndrome
In this latest episode of the Body Talk podcast, Alina Jenkins chats to David Stone about how imposter syndrome affects more people than you think – particularly left-brainers – and ways we can begin to remove limiting self-belief.
The LIFT Podcast – How To Create Your Own Happiness With Suzanne Shaw
Richard talks to popstar and actress Suzanne Shaw about her inspiring story of how she overcame depression and found happiness.
The Body Talk Podcast – Media Training: Why It’s Important For Your Business
Media skills are essential for any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition. With the constantly changing landscape of the media, it's more important than ever to be able to navigate these waters successfully. In this latest episode of the Body Talk podcast, BBC journalists and Body Talk colleagues, Alina Jenkins and Georgie Palmer discuss why media skills training can be so valuable in business.
The LIFT Podcast – Leading Change – How to Adapt, Thrive and Transform
In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Ian Ziskin shares his many years of experience with transformational change in both our business and personal lives.
The LIFT Podcast – Get Unstuck And Live The Life You Want
In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Richard speaks to Shira Miller about how to get unstuck and live the life you want.
The LIFT Podcast – Find The Courage And Make The Leap
In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Liz Brunner, Emmy award-winning journalist and entrepreneur, shares her tips on making a career change and finding the courage to do what you love.
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