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The LIFT Podcast – Get Unstuck And Live The Life You Want
In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Richard speaks to Shira Miller about how to get unstuck and live the life you want.
The LIFT Podcast – Find The Courage And Make The Leap
In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Liz Brunner, Emmy award-winning journalist and entrepreneur, shares her tips on making a career change and finding the courage to do what you love.
Transform Your Business With Our Inspirational Training
Since the start of the Millenium, Body Talk has helped over 120,000 people increase their confidence, improve their communication skills and inspire and influence others. In this special podcast, discover our story and how we can help you and your team unleash your true potential.
The LIFT Podcast – The Chemistry of Happiness
In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Richard talks to Sarah Hiner about The Chemistry of Happiness and how you can take control of your happiness, reduce stress and increase your energy levels.
Get Recognised At Work And Gain The Promotion You Deserve
In today's corporate world, it's easy to feel lost and frustrated. You work hard, but it seems like others always get promotions and recognition. What are you doing wrong? In this podcast, we talk to Michael Wenderoth about what you may lack in the workplace and what you can do to be recognised and promoted.
Powerful Storytelling: How To Tell A Great Business Story
The power of storytelling is undeniable. By using stories to communicate your business message, you can capture your audience's attention and deliver information in a way that is both engaging and memorable. In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Cristina Mendonsa, an award-winning journalist, shares her insights on the art of storytelling and its ability to move people and businesses forward.
Leading By Example – How To Raise The Bar For Your Team
In this latest episode of the LIFT podcast, Richard talks to one of the top-producing REMAX team members, Christian Fuentes about leading by example and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.
Curious Leadership: How To Build Better Business Relationships
In this latest episode of the LIFT podcast, Richard talks to Claudia Williams. Claudia spent more than a decade as an award-winning attorney, coaching leaders of organizations of all sizes through challenging workplace situations. They discuss how to build greater relationships at work and how leaders can build a place where people love to work.
The Secret To Success: Overcoming Self-Sabotage
You may be familiar with the idea of self-sabotaging behaviours that can keep us trapped in a cycle of self-doubt and self-defeat. But what exactly is self-sabotage, and why do we do it? In this latest episode of the Body Talk podcast, Alina Jenkins talks to fellow colleague Charlie Evans. Charlie has a background in performance on both TV and stage and she’s also a psychotherapist, helping many clients overcome chronic self-sabotage.
Leverage Your Business Relationships For Success – with David Nour
In this episode of the LIFT Podcast Richard talks to David Nour. A senior leadership/board advisor, educator, executive coach, and bestselling author, David is internationally recognized as the leading expert on applications of strategic relationships in profitable growth, sustained innovation, and lasting change. They discuss why there is a quantifiable value to your business relationships and how you can build and nurture them.
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