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Why Is Nobody Listening To Me? 3 Ways To Engage More People
At some point you will have gone into a presentation or meeting, and felt that no one was listening to you. It’s hard to continue speaking when it seems that people are switching off, disengaged or rejecting your ideas.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  17/01/19
7 Important Lessons On Performing Well Under Pressure
Almost everyone feels pressure before giving a presentation. You might be nervous about speaking in front of others. Or, you could be worried about your information actually sticking with your audience.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  30/11/18
The 3 Best Ways To Connect With People In Business
Connecting with your audience is the single most important thing you’ll do as a speaker. It can also be the hardest.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  29/11/18
3 Ways To Boost Your Presentation’s Impact
What makes a presentation memorable? Look at popular TED Talks — the best ones, the ones that have the most views. More often than not, they generally don’t have any slides at all.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  26/11/18
Increase Your Presence And Impact For Every Pitch, Presentation Or Speech
People pay more attention to you when you do nothing. If this sounds backwards to you, you’re not alone.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  16/11/18
How To Give Presentations With Less Anxiety And More Presence
Many people feel stressed before an important speech, presentation, or pitch. This can lead to your body filling with tension and restricting your voice, movements, and ability to think.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  15/11/18
3 Simple Ways To Boost Your Presentations Impact By 550%
You’ve heard the phrase “death by PowerPoint.” Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself, sitting in a meeting and watching a bunch of slides that made you lose the will to live. How did slides become so bad that we’re killing people with them?
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  08/11/18
What’s The Story? How To Make Facts, Data and Lists Compelling
Data has power. But it won’t impress people by itself. You need a compelling narrative to engage your audience, with data supporting your key points along the way.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  05/08/18
Return Of The Power Pose?
Our clients often ask about how they should stand when giving a presentation, pitch or speaking in a meeting. Many have heard about ‘power posing’ following the TED talk by Amy Cuddy.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  02/05/18
A Beginning, A Muddle And An End
That title is an old joke about the difficulties of writing a novel – that the book often has a beginning, a muddle and an end. You’ve probably sat through meetings or presentations that feel the same way; good start, liked how it finished (everyone loves the end of a meeting), not really sure what we did in the middle.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  27/03/18
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