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3 Crucial Steps To Follow When Starting Your Public Speaking Career
Some of the best speakers make presenting appear effortless — but that’s only half the story.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  22/08/19
How To Handle Objections And Hecklers As A Professional Speaker
After more than 20 years as a professional public speaker and coach, I’ve had my fair share of people object during a presentation. And I’ve found that instead of handling these situations robotically, I remember to treat the objector as a person.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  13/08/19
Storytelling In Business Leads To Success
Why do most presentations and pitches fail to engage us? The person is saying what they want to say. If you want to compel people to listen you need to say what people NEED to hear in the ORDER they need to hear it.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  23/07/19
How Parents Play A Critical Role In Reducing Children’s Long-Term Communication Difficulties
I found it hard to understand social dynamics and interactions. ‘Banter’ was an alien language to me. It sounded like people insulting each other, then laughing about it! My own attempts at small talk were disastrous — I’d end up offending people instead of connecting.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  16/07/19
Will Kamala Harris Be the Next US President?
There has been a lot of media attention on Senator Harris since the first live Democratic Debates in the 2020 election race. But can she make it across the finish line at the election?
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  09/07/19
5 Free Resources To Launch Your Speaking Career
With public speaking, many people will turn to a quick Google search or YouTube scan to find “tips and tricks” for free. But you can only hear “stand up and speak up” so many times before you wonder if there is more to learn.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  18/06/19
Regardless of who we are, or where we’re from, we all make the same facial expressions.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  14/06/19
9 Must Read Books For Any Public Speaker.
When I began my career as a professional speaker I wanted to increase my skills quickly, but I had very little resources, so I started reading. Within a few years, I read more than 200 books in the area of communication.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  04/06/19
Take Your Presentation From Good To Impressive In 4 Steps
You probably remember being impressed by the speaker’s conviction, their confidence, their knowledge of the subject. What was it that made it so you just couldn’t look away?
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  28/05/19
5 Questions Every Public Speaker Needs To Ask Themselves
If you speak to 50 people for an hour at a conference you are effectively speaking for 50 human hours. If you don’t make the most of this opportunity it can be wasteful for your company, disrespectful to your audience and damaging for your career.
Richard Newman
by Richard Newman on  21/05/19
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