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Smart Leadership: Look After The Garden and Watch Your Team Grow.
Why adopting the approach of a gardener can help build a great team.
by Alina Jenkins on  08/03/21
5 Ways To Keep Control In Virtual Meetings
How do you keep control of virtual meetings? When people are arguing or talking over each other, here are 5 tips to restore order.
by Alina Jenkins on  17/02/21
How to have great conversations
Larry King was a master at having great conversations. Discover what made him one of the best interviewers of all time.
by Alina Jenkins on  01/02/21
Communicating Science – What We Can Learn From Jonathan Van-Tam
Jonathan Van-Tam is fantastic at communicating science effectively. By making complex information tangible he brings science to life.
by Mark Seddon on  21/12/20
Improve Your Visual Aids – How Poor Slides Can Upstage Your Message
Are you dancing with distraction in your business presentations? Improve your visual aids by following some simple steps.
by Mark Seddon on  16/11/20
Enhance your communication skills through effective questioning
Discover the art of effective questioning and how it can help to enhance your communication and presentation skills and build rapport.
by Katy Lewis on  16/10/20
Who Is The Hero? First Presidential Debate, 29th September 2020
In a Presidential election where the audience has the power to grant or deny you victory with their vote, viewing them as a subplot in their own story is a dangerous game to play.
by Mark Seddon on  02/10/20
Republican National Convention 2020: Donald Trump Jr. and the Importance of Adapting
It may seem obvious, but because we don’t always present in the same setting, we need to shift our style to complement the situation. The 2020 Republican National Convention shows how important it is to adapt to a virtual environment.
by Mark Seddon on  01/09/20
The brain rules for visual aids
If you’re asking your audience to read or absorb complex slides while you’re talking, there’s a good chance they'll forget most of what you say. Discover how you can communicate your core message without bullet points and make your presentations more memorable.
by Alina Jenkins on  26/08/20
The 2020 US Democratic National Convention – what we can learn to enhance our business communication.
by Emily Fairman on  24/08/20
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