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How To Use Storytelling in Business to Motivate Your Team
Our brains are wired to remember the information told in a story, with studies suggesting stories are 22 times more memorable and engaging than facts or figures alone. Here are three ways storytelling in business can help you motivate and inspire your team.
by Alina Jenkins on  09/11/22
5 Tips To Deliver A Great Presentation
We've all been in a situation where we're in the hot seat, our hearts are racing, and we must deliver a great presentation. Nailing that huge presentation is critical to your success, whether you're marketing a new product to potential investors or presenting quarterly results to the board. So how do you go about it? Here are 5 expert tips.
by Alina Jenkins on  21/10/22
How To Build Resilience During Tough Times
There continues to be challenges ahead with uncertainty around the economy, job security, inflation, and rising energy costs. How do you overcome adversity during tough times? We look at six ways you and your team can build resilience.
by Jennifer Bartram on  05/10/22
Leadership Communication Skills – What Are You Missing?
Great leadership communication is more than just speaking or writing. It involves understanding the needs of your audience and tailoring your message accordingly. After all, leaders need to communicate their vision to their team and inspire them to achieve common goals. Unfortunately, not all leaders have these skills. This can be detrimental to businesses, as poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, frustration, and even conflict. Discover the core skills for powerful communication as a leader in this blog.
by Alina Jenkins on  09/09/22
Business Communication For Networking: Why Is It Important?
Many people see business networking as a way to get new clients or leads and focus solely on that goal. But if you want to build strong relationships, taking the time to communicate well and connect with the person you're speaking with is essential. Here are some ideas to help you communicate effectively when networking.
by Alina Jenkins on  08/09/22
Three Audio Book Techniques To Improve Your Presentations
Discover three techniques from the world of audio book narration to help you improve your presentations and deliver your message with impact.
by Mark Seddon on  05/09/22
What is Executive Coaching and How does it Build Confidence?
Executive coaching offers high-level training for individuals in leadership positions or who aspire to leadership in their future career.
by Jennifer Bartram on  01/09/22
How to Improve Business Communication Skills
Communicating well is an essential skill in every part of our lives, but is particularly important when it comes to businesses who want to thrive. Body Talk discuss the key elements of business communication and how to adopt them.
by Jennifer Bartram on  01/09/22
What Is Personal Impact, And Why Is It Important In The Workplace?
Some might call it charisma; others say it's good communication skills, but personal impact is your influence on other people. It's how you carry yourself and present yourself to others and how you make them feel. So, how can you measure your personal impact, and what things should you consider if you want to strengthen it?
by Alina Jenkins on  18/08/22
7 Tips For Improving Your Virtual Communication Skills
If you're uncomfortable communicating virtually, it can be easy to make mistakes that can damage your professional relationships or make you seem less competent than you are. That's why learning to communicate effectively in a virtual setting is so important. Here are seven ways to improve your virtual communication skills.
by Alina Jenkins on  18/08/22
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