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What Was I Going To Say? 6 Ways To Remember Your Presentation
Do you struggle to remember your presentation or meeting? We look at six different ways to help you memorise what to say.
by Alina Jenkins on  15/08/22
Communication Coaching Explained: What Are The Benefits, And How Can You Communicate Better?
How well do you communicate your messages? Most of us think we’re good communicators, but throughout our lives, we can pick up bad habits that we are unaware of, which may harm our message. Discover how communication coaching can help you and your business.
by Jennifer Bartram on  04/08/22
Handling Pressure: What We Can Learn From Women’s Euro 2022
England's women's squad are just one game away from lifting their first ever landmark trophy in their 14th major tournament, as the Lionesses prepare to face Germany in the final of Euro 2022. The stakes couldn't be higher. But how do players deal with the pressure of the international stage when the eyes of an entire country are on them, and what can learn from them about handling pressure in our own lives?
by Jennifer Bartram on  29/07/22
What Makes a Good Business Motivational Speaker?
Having a business motivational speaker present at your event can be a transformative experience for your employees. The right motivational speaker can help energise and inspire your audience to make positive change by identifying the things holding them back and giving people tools and ideas to help them move forward. Here, we examine what motivational speakers can offer businesses and how to choose the right speaker for your event.
by Jennifer Bartram on  27/07/22
Communication Training: Why It’s Important For Your Business
As businesses adapt to new ways of working post-pandemic, good communication skills are more valuable than ever. Business communication training is an invaluable way to ensure your team stays productive, motivated and focused whether they are communicating face to face, virtually or hybrid, ensuring that client and customer relationships can be future-proofed. Discover more in this blog!
by Jennifer Bartram on  13/07/22
How To Improve Your Storytelling Presentation Techniques To Engage An Audience
Stories are a powerful way to connect with people. They can transport us to other places and times and help us understand complex concepts. Companies have long recognized the power of business storytelling, and they have used stories to market their products, explain their services, and build relationships with their customers. In this blog we explore some easy ways you can transform your business storytelling presentation skills.
by Jennifer Bartram on  01/07/22
Office Conflict – What To Do When You Disagree
How do you deal with difficult people? What's your approach when things get tense in a work environment and it becomes necessary to speak up? Not all of us are natural-born communicators. Some of us may even shy away from difficult conversations, preferring to avoid conflict altogether. If you feel uncomfortable with office conflict and avoid it at all costs, here are some tips to help.
by Alina Jenkins on  14/06/22
How to develop your executive presence
When we think of great leaders, one of the qualities that comes to mind is executive presence. This elusive quality is hard to define, but we all know it when we see it. A person with executive presence seems to radiate confidence, authority and control. They command respect and inspire others to follow them. If you want to boost your reputation as a leader, harnessing your own executive presence is a great place to start. Here are some tips in this blog.
by Jennifer Bartram on  27/05/22
Leadership Communication: The Habits Of Great Leaders
Great leaders are great communicators. They know how to put their message across in a clear and concise way, and they also know how to listen to others and take feedback on board. Excellent communication skills are essential for any leader to help to build trust and credibility. Read more to discover more about leadership communication.
by Jennifer Bartram on  03/05/22
Dealing with objections: 4 key steps to better conversations
Dealing with objections is a key part of any conversation. Here are four tips for doing it well and achieving better outcomes.
by Jennifer Bartram on  19/04/22
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