2 Day Dynamic Presenter

What can you expect to gain?


Impact & Influence – gain the structure and delivery style you need to persuade people, so that they value your ideas in your most important presentations and meetings.

Outstanding Presentation Skills – advanced skills to give you a new level of confidence to create a powerful impact on large groups – an essential skill to increase your success in business.

Gravitas & Presence – master the key elements of presence that will give you extra authority, to inspire and motivate clients and staff.

Leadership Skills – making anything you say more compelling to win more respect and build stronger relationships.

Day 1

✓ The cornerstone principles of impactful and persuasive communication

✓ Developing presence, authority and persuasion skills

✓ Vocal impact

✓ Structure, scripting and storytelling

✓ Visual aids – the do’s and don’ts!

✓ Plus 3 x Personal Coaching sessions

Day 2

✓ Advanced persuasion skills

✓ Advanced scripting and storytelling

✓ The principles for objection handling and managing difficult questions

✓ Powerful preparation techniques

✓ A personal development plan

✓ Plus 3 x Personal Coaching sessions

This course will provide you with:

Quality personal coaching time

Bespoke training

Advanced techniques

Lasting change

FREE Masterclass book

You will also be given this 76-page workbook to support your training, ensuring you gain longer lasting results and success from your future presentations.