Learn how to effectively build empathy, respect, and rapport during conflict resolution

Learn how to effectively build empathy, respect, and rapport during conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution

Be guided through our techniques to effectively handle questions, challenges and objections in a way that builds relationships, rapport and respect for your ideas and your team. This training will take delegates on a journey to reach a win-win resolution and give them an objective viewpoint for all paths forward.

Learn how to effectively build empathy, respect, and rapport while moving towards a resolution. Understand the logic & emotion leading towards the current conflict & therefore be able to overcome the obstacles together to have a greater sense of collaboration.

Discover the ‘3 Levels of Questions’ to gain a deeper understanding of the motives and motivations of the people you meet and how they make their decisions. Be guided on how to build deeper rapport as a trusted adviser, and tailor what you say based on what your audience needs from you.

Delegates will be armed with a persuasion toolkit to overcome challenging situations, which they will put into practise during role play coaching in small groups with the trainers.

The training will be tailored based on your team’s challenges, so we ask all delegates to complete a survey before the sessions. We will also interview a number of employees to create relevant and specific scenarios for delegates to work through. Introduce them to a Persuasion tool kit to overcome all challenging situations.

These techniques are particularly beneficial for people needing to resolve conflict when dealing with internal or external stakeholders; such as Account Managers, Team Leaders, Change Management, team integrations, and negotiating with suppliers, or dealing with large contracts.



I was impressed by the presenter's enthusiasm and the choice of examples which conveyed the content to the point.
Christina, Buying Manager
Leading Supermarket Chain
The instructors are brilliant, very engaging and obviously expert in their subject. Their enthusiasm for the subject and for teaching shines through, and they were able to engage the whole team, despite it being composed of very different personalities.
Defence Company
The personal feedback was the most useful learning because it was tailored and well thought out.
London Business School

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