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High-Speed Race Instructor & Blue-Chip Sales Manager

Katy Lewis

Katy started out her career as a race instructor, a precision and stunt driver working at all UK major racetracks and driving centres.

Starting her work life off as a high-speed race instructor and precision driver, Katy very quickly learnt the importance of clear, concise and accurate communication in a high pressured environment. Through Katy years of working in the Automotive industry, Katy is able to share her strategies on how to succeed in a predominantly male led industry.

Now with over 20 years’ experience in learning and development Katy is an innovative and skilled facilitator, trainer, professionally certified coach and Assessor with a broad level of experience across a number of industries. Using various psychometric models, such as MBTi, Katy can bring understanding and depth to team dynamics.

Katy draws on her years of corporate experience where she worked as a Sales Manager, buyer and onto Training programme manager with several Blue-Chip companies. Katy delivers Leadership and sales programmes, soft skill masterclasses to bid support.

Working with our clients for over 3 years Katy uses a no nonsense yet empathic approach in everything she does. Helping clients work through difficult conversations, create engaging narratives, and build the value in what they have to offer.

“I take great pleasure working with Body Talk as what we do really works! I love to see the shift in people’s confidence at the end of the course and knowing it’s going to make their lives better brings me huge joy.”