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BBC Broadcast Journalist, TV Presenter & Writer

Georgie Palmer

Georgie Palmer is a broadcast journalist, TV presenter, voice-over artist, events host and writer with over 25 years presenting experience including 8 years at the BBC as a weather presenter and entertainment correspondent.

Georgie Palmer is a broadcast journalist, TV presenter, media coach, voice-over artist, events host, writer and autism ambassador with over twenty-five years of live presenting experience. She is proud to be part of the BBC TV regional weather team based in London. With her extensive knowledge of all areas of the media industry, including TV, radio, podcasts, press, social media and stage presentations, Georgie also has comprehensive experience as a communication skills specialist and presentation coach. She has great success working with a wide range of clients from many walks of life, including a celebrity chef preparing to go on a weekly primetime ITV cookery show, a children’s author, a nutritional therapist, a managing partner in a well-known law firm, the armed forces and the emergency services.

More recently, Georgie worked for a high-profile charity as a campaign manager and press officer, working closely with the NHS and collaborating with many cutting-edge organisations where she delivered numerous pitches and presentations. Just before the pandemic hit, Georgie also hosted a Sunday Times best-selling author’s UK stage book tour for 4 months.

From a coaching perspective, Georgie truly understands how it feels to be in the spotlight, so always treats clients with utmost respect, empathy, kindness, honesty, and, importantly, humour. She has the ability to cut through all the noise and nonsense about coaching and genuinely help people from all industries develop their presentation skills in any setting. She has a proven track record of advising, guiding and improving people’s anxieties in a warm and professional way. She loves helping people to overcome their fears and challenges, ensuring that they are authentic and always able to be their true selves. Ultimately, Georgie understands that how you react under pressure at critical times can have an astonishingly positive impact on your business.